Bob Knarhwal’s Caboodle Of Short Stories

short-stories-coverThis is where I am publishing my short stories, as well as on my WordPress. Short stories are something I’ve come to love writing, as they demand less of my time (of which I have less) and attention (of which I have even less).

I have no set theme for my stories, and I often find myself inspired by the stories my friends write, or by prompts in places such as /r/WritingPrompts on Reddit.

I hope you enjoy this collection of short tales! Feel free to feed back to me however you like!




writing-prompts-coverI’ve loved writing prompts from afar, but the recent writing bug I’ve caught has left me picking my favourites. Therefore, I’ve decided to collect them here in this, err…book.

I’ll always try to credit the author of the writing prompts I find where I find them. I’m well aware that some of the cited authors won’t be theĀ original authors; if you can help me credit the original author of a writing prompt, please get in touch.

Also, let me know if there’s a writing prompt that should be in this book, or send me a link to your own takes on these writing prompts.

By the by, the image of llamas came from here.