All Hail Redbubble

Trash Panda.png
All Hail The Glorious Trash Panda

This post is shameless plug for the newest design for sale on my Redbubble seller’s page. It’s based on another similar design (which is further down the page), which also happens to be one of my most frequently sold pieces of art.

For those of you new to Redbubble, it’s a site onto which you upload your artwork, which can the be emblazoned onto different fashion items such as clothing, bags, duvets and towels. I mainly sell my designs as stickers and T-shirts and have so far had a small amount of success.


My two most popular designs are the one below, entitled ‘All Hail The Mighty Sea Panda’ and ‘Red Cardinal’ respectively.

All Hail The Mighty Sea Panda
Red Cardinal


I hope you like them. I’m quite proud of them, even though the orca design looks like a 12-year old designed it on MS paint. I , mainly like the idea that some kid somewhere might buy one of my designs to use as a badly placed sticker on his or her first guitar.

Bob Knarwhal


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