State Of The Union

Being British, I’m not sure if I have used the above title correctly, but I’m going to anyway because that’s my right as an ancestor of the civilisation that raped, pillaged and manipulated its way to global dominance. Right?


Anyway, I’m writing this to tell my limited number of followers what’s going on in the world of Bob Knarwhal. I’ll try to address those followers who found me through my weight loss efforts, as well as those who found me for any other reasons, such as my new foray into web comics and the like.

So – weight loss. It’s going well. I played my weekly games of 5-a-side football last night and I’m beginning to notice a sparkling difference in my abilities. I still sound wheezy and I’m still lethargic, but I can be so for much longer. My reaction speeds are now much better and my breathing isn’t as laboured. Basically, the running and working out is paying off. I’m quitting my gym, because they have a strange commitment to their opening times, but I’m going to find another gym ASAP.

You mentioned comics, you keep saying under your breath. Yes I did. Here’s the low down diddly…

I’ve got a creative bucket list. It’s not very long, but it does possess creating comics as one of its points (stand up comedy is on the list too). Therefore, after being on the ‘fan’ side of the fence for the many years following my discovery of The Oatmeal, I decided to have a go at making my own doodles into short stories, all held within 1-8 panels at a time. I called this project ‘Panel-O-Matic’. My efforts seem to be drawing positive criticisms so far, so I’m proud to be telling you about them now.

Where the hell can I find your comics Bob? I hear you ask. Well, here’s a list links so that you can access all of the creative things I’ve been doing. This also includes some music and Redbubble projects, so enjoy.

Bob Knarwhal on Twitter
(My Twitter page)

Bob Knarwhal on Instagram
(My Instagram page)

Bob Knarwhal on Redbubble
(This is where my art gets made into stickers or T-Shirts and sold)

Panel-O-Matic on WordPress
(The main home of Panel-O-Matic, my comics project)

Panel-O-Matic on Instagram
(The instagram account for my comics project, Panel-O-Matic)

Panel-O-Matic on Tumblr
(Panel-O-Matic’s Tumblr page)

Stuff Steph Said on Instagram
(Every now and again my girlfriend says funny things and I turn them into Instagram posts)

The Snippets on Bandcamp
(The Snippets is the name I gave to the fictional band that act as the face of my songs)

If you are gracious enough to follow, subscribe to or share any of my projects, I’d prefer that it was one of the Panel-O-Matic accounts. I’d love for that to get off the ground. Either way, thanks for any support you can give me. It means the world.

Thanks for reading!



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