Small, Doodley Beginnings

I drew a thing. I hate how that opening sounds, but I can’t think of anything better to say to open this post; sleep looms.

Anyway, I’ve doodled something. It’s pretty simple but I’m proud of it. It’s bacon and eggs (in case it wasn’t clear), two of my favourite foods.

Why the doodle? I hear you ask.

I’ve wanted a drawing tablet for a long time now, and I’ve asked the lady in my life for one for Christmas. So I’m trying to get myself motivated to draw and doodle. Whenever I see a kick-ass doodle it makes me want to pick up a pend and get drawing. I’d like to develop a theme in my doodles. I had an idea about a bus stop, but I’ll probably never develop it. I get too ambitious too quickly, and I give up too quickly.

I don’t want to waste a good present that I’ve had on my hypothetical Christmas list for so long. Not when the money could have gone on an Apple Watch, which is something else I definitely (don’t) need.

Thanks for reading.

Me, on Twitter.


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