Killing My Chubber #7 (Day 32) | Running The Chubber Into The Ground

Due to car trouble I found myself needing to walk, on this windy Sunday morning, into Alfreton (the closest town to where I live) to pay a deposit on a table for the new house. The furniture shop I was visiting is 1.7 miles away from my house according to our overlords at Google. I decided to run on this journey and take advantage of another possible tactic through which to win my war against the chubber.

I should probably tell you here that, as a naturally fat person, I am not conditioned for running. It would be more appropriate to say that my body is wholly conditioned to not running. Every time I have tried it I have found myself in agony with pain both in my knees and lower back. This is obviously because of carrying a large stomach and excess fat all around. However, my sneaky chubber would always tell me that running was something I couldn’t do. He’d convince me that my knees and back were bad, and that running wasn’t an option. Have a donut; let’s forget about those knee pains…

No thanks, you fat scumbag. Not this time.

1480641_1576782722461030_487408908059820281_nSo, I decided to run, and it was hell. But it was a good kind of hell – I didn’t run the whole distance. I probably ran about 40% of the 3.4 mile round trip, which isn’t bad for a fat running virgin on a windy, freezing English morning. There were hills too (minor ones) that I took on with gusto. I’m rather proud of myself. What’s more, as you can see from success kid on the left, my knees and back don’t actually hurt.

I have gone from telling myself I cannot do something, to doing it anyway, and that only pushes my chubber back down into the fat-cave from which he dwells. I’ll be trying this running lark again!

Moral of the story: when fighting a fat war, do what you need to, not what you want to.

Thanks for reading!!

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