Killing My Chubber #6 (Day 22) | I Am Walking Restraint

Day 20: I said to my girlfriend, filling with pride, that it had been twenty days and that I hadn’t broken a single rule. Even when I was alone, I hadn’t let the chubber slip sugar into my tea. I hadn’t missed a work out. I hadn’t used anything as an excuse to deviate from my course. I was doing well.

Things have started to change though, and I am being tested… cut to today.


That is what I shouted at myself, in my car, as I walked from the Natwest bank in Alfreton (my local town) to my car, parked on top of Home Bargains. I was frustrated and I was in the midst of temptation. This journey probably took three hundred steps, and was around two hundred and fifty metres, tops. However, along the way I passed several calorie factories (a chip shop, a subway, a greasy spoon, and I knew Greggs was right around the corner) and suddenly, my chubber was doing anything and everything he could to try to get me to walk into one and fill my face. You’re alone. You could do it. Nobody would know if you slipped a pasty into your coat and then devoured it in the car.

The chubber, after being denied a Greggs.

I would know though, wouldn’t I? That’s what I told myself. I would know I had failed, three weeks and two days into the war; I would have waved the white flag, laid down my nutritious arms and given the chubber fuel by devouring food I neither want or need. I’m not going to do that. I am better than that. Upon hearing this, the chubber had a mighty tantrum and invaded my mind, throwing insults and denying my ability to complete my task…

Nice try, is all I could think. I’ve been taking pictures every two days of this journey. In reviewing these pictures on day 18, I was astounded with the obvious progress so far. My face is waaaaaayyy slimmer, my stomach isn’t as round and bloated, my complexion is way better, and my chest is less flabby and more defined already, despite having not done any proper weightlifting that focuses on muscle groups. That said, I have worked out every day, and when we move into our new house, I am going to create the stage 2 work out regime using the extra space we’ll be afforded.

When the chubber had a good go at me, all I had to do what think of those pictures and how far I had come in eighteen days. I managed to restrain the chubber and avoid those fast food establishments because I actually believe in myself – I have found the handlebars of my ego and I am firmly in control of the pedals that drive my appetite. I am in control; not the chubber.

One final thing I will say, is that this is hard. It does feel like betraying an old friend – we did enjoy some wonderful food together, and in abundance. But now I have seen what the chubber is doing to me; I refuse to be controlled and I refuse to give in. I am walking restraint, and I am winning this war.

Thanks for reading!

Please feel free to leave a comment below or share your thoughts with me on twitter. If you have any tips or constructive criticism, throw it my way!


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